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Earned a Michelin star at the young age of 43.

After that, while continuing to win for three consecutive years, in Kitashinchi, Osaka,

Tetsuya Ishihara, a genius French chef who has preserved the taste of the finest French cuisine.

He fell in love with the ingredients and climate of Miyakojima and started

Free and supremely happy French cuisine that can only be found on this island.

A casual café bistro during the day and a full-fledged restaurant at night,

Everyone can enjoy the joy of eating in their own style.

The comfort is casual, and the ingredients and dishes are the best.

Island French with plenty of Miyakojima's blessings

Welcome to Yusarabi!

Pink Sugar









11:00-14:00 L.O. (15:00 Close)

Lunch course/a la carte

*Takeout menu available


〖Shima〗Degustation course

18:30-20:00 (20,000 yen including tax) 8 dishes and up (depending on the availability of ingredients)

2 people - up to 8 people / Online reservation system

Reservations must be made by 12:00 the day before.

Click on Booking below



YUSARABI Dinner course

18:30-20:00 (12,000 yen including tax) 6 dishes

Reservations can be made online until 12:00 the day before.

Click on Booking below

Same-day reservations possible *If you want to make a same-day reservation, please call us from 10:00 to 15:00 (last reception)​


Dinner Private Plan

This is limited to one group per day. (20,000 yen including tax)

You can choose either course.

※There is a menu for children.

Please see the menu for details.

Regular holiday

​​Every Wednesday

*Wednesday is a public holidayWe will be open for business.

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 JTB hometown tax portal site “Furupo”

Yusarabi dinner tickets and original herbal teas are on sale as return gifts!

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